Concert Review: Beartooth featuring Glasslands at Gramercy Theater, NYC 8-31-22

I am totally recovering from rocking my heart out last night at the Beartooth featuring Glasslands here in NYC at The Gramercy Theater on 8/31/2022.

FYI: Best small venue to see a band perform live & the staff there are all amazing!

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πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ must see band live!

First: Thank you Beartooth for introducing me to Glasslands! I listened to them prior to the show & after seeing them live, I am a fan!

Excellent performance from Glasslands.  The crowd & I were digging them and they got everyone pumped for Beartooth.

My favorite song is Deadman they performed!

Make sure to go check them out  on their website 
and see them live.

Beartooth came on & they rocked it!

I had upgraded my GA standing room ticket  to the section right off the left of the stage & it was totally worth it! Only myself, my friend Laura & another concert goer were literally right off the stage! We could jump right onto it if we wanted to.
Well worth it!

I have been a fan of Beartooth from the beginning of their career and seen them multiple times in small venues and last night, the energy was amazing! NYC gave it all & everyone was interacting.

I haven't rocked out that hard in a long time. I didn't take many pictures or even full videos because I was enjoying the show too much. 
  That is when you know that you are at an amazing show. The band entraps you & you just go with the flow of the music they are performing for you.

An electrifying, engaging & all around excellent Rock show!

I even got Will's guitar pic as a memento from the show!

Until the next one🀘

Beartooth Setlist:
  1. Below
  2. Devastation
  3. "The Lines"
  4. Hated
  5. "Body Bag"
  6. Dominate
  7. Afterall
  8. "Hell of It"
  9. Riptide
  10. "Fed Up"
  11. "You Never Know"
  12. "Bad Listener"
  13. Disease
  14. "In Between"
  15. "The Past Is Dead"
  16. "The Last Riff
Check out Beartooth website for tour dates & merch here: 

Here are some pictures I took of Beartooth.
(If you use my pictures: please give me credit & tag: CherryRed's Reads)


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