CherryRed's Reads Popping Rating

How many Cherries did it Pop?

My Rating System based from 1-5 Cherries

5 Popped Cherries:  A Must Read! Cherry Popping Explosion!  It was sooo good from the 1st to the last page that every page made my Cherry Pop!  

4 Popped Cherries:  Read it, Popped a couple of Cherries through out & made me want just a another pop! A Very good Read! Read it!

3 Popped Cherries:  Got my Cherries Popping here and there but did not give me the full "POP" effect.  Read it & see for yourself. 

2 Popped Cherries: Started Cherry Popping & then it just squashed into mush. Would be cautious to read it!

1st Popped Cherries: Popped a Cherry & was left feeling like I wasted that one pop. Skip it!


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