New Website URL & info

 Happy Sunday Everyone!

So after 4 years of Facebook & Instagram blocking my original website saying it was SPAM because someone reported it, I bit the bullet and created a new website to be able to share my love of reading, music and life again since my view went from 100+ to ZERO!  

I was about to give up and shut down shop but decided to start fresh with a new URL after my friends and followers gave me the encouragement to do so.

This is the new site!

I won't be transferring over information from the old site as I am afraid they will flag this new one.

Anything you want to see that I reviewed in the past will be on my old site which will still be up.

Going Forward, everything I post from today and onward will be here.

I will still have my same blog email address and social media sites, just the website is new.

Make sure to subscribe to keep up to date on what I am reviewing on here.

For New followers: Welcome! I hope you enjoy my dorky self sharing my love of books & everything else!

Again Thank you all for your love and support.

Time to pop some cherries reading!


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